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Rohita Pabla planners clock watch to the last second and take a strategic view on preparation. Founded and pioneered by Rohita Pabla, a London-based event planner who has grown a reputation amongst suppliers and event professionals for her scrupulous attention-to-detail and hands-on attitude.

What started as a favour for a Colleague in dire need of help 6-weeks before their Wedding Day, very quickly became a full-time career for Rohita Pabla. In the beginning, Rohita worked diligently on events alongside her role as a professional Buyer for a large international Retailer. Over the last 5 years she has made thousands of decisions on behalf of her Clients and built a strong portfolio of events that range from £50,000+ Wedding Days in the UK to international Clients who host their events in the UK and abroad.
Rohita Pabla ensures she’s on the frontline leading the whole team of event suppliers towards shared success in delivering an overwhelmingly exceptional event.







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