Glitzy and glamorous! This is how Dubai is often described by its visitors; credit goes to its tall skyscrapers, swanky hotels and gorgeous malls. But as you scratch beneath its surface, you find that the emirate is as romantic as it gets. Powdery sandy beaches, exotic deserts, snaking canals surrounded by lively souks and beautiful mosques, lush gardens, and great hospitality – Dubai packs in a lot of surprises for love-struck couples. Indeed, exchanging your wedding vows in this magnificent city would be an amazing experience!

Get married at one of its globally renowned hotels which bring the opulent magnificence of the UAE and romance of the Persian Gulf to couples, and promise them a wedding ceremony packed with enthralling memories. Flaunt your style as you reach the venue in a chauffeur-driven limo or by a helicopter. Grand celebrations, traditional Arabian hospitality and breath taking views of the magnificent Dubai skyline will leave you and your guests in absolute awe. Sounds tempting? Get in touch with Lycafly for the best value wedding packages for Dubai. No matter what your style and budget is, our holiday experts will go extra miles to make your wedding as grand as you have wished it to be.

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