Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator or Self Planning?

Have you recently got engaged and looking for support to plan your Asian wedding? Or are you already going through your Asian wedding planning journey and looking for some guidance and/or support? Or are you looking to plan your own Asian wedding completely?

Well you’re in the right place. This article looks at whether you should have a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator or plan your own Asian wedding. These are very different types of services that are offered at Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events. We will dive into some of the details of each of these services to help you decide on what works best for yourselves.

So, lets jump straight into it…

Let’s start with a wedding planner. You may have thought to yourself why I need to pay a wedding planner to plan my Asian wedding. This is a great question and the answers are endless. One of the key deciders of having a wedding planner tends to be the cost as planning an Asian wedding is always on a budget. However, people look at the cost of hiring a wedding planner and think OMG how much.

As an example, you may have a budget of £60,000 to plan your whole wedding. You may get a quote from a wedding planner to plan your wedding at £6000. You think to yourself, well that’s 10% of my overall budget that I could spend on the wedding itself if I plan it myself. Technically speaking your absolutely correct. However, having a wedding planner, you will tend to recoup a lot of the cost through the expertise and network that the wedding planner has built up.

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The Launch Of The Brides Club

Hi Brides-To-Be,

By now many of you would have seen the new launch of the exclusive “The Brides Club”. The brand-new launch of the much-anticipated online hub for all things Wedding Planning, Lifestyle, Wellbeing and much more for Asian Brides-To-Be.

The Brides Club is a space for Asian Brides to come together as a community and support each other through all the trials and tribulations that go with planning an Asian wedding. Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially if it’s an Asian Wedding. There is just so much to think about it can all get a bit overwhelming. You’ve got the Asian Caterers, the Asian DJs and let’s not forget the all-important Asian Wedding Dress. Then there’s the guest list, the Hair & Make-up artist, henna artist etc, the list is endless. And we haven’t even spoken about the Asian Wedding Venue plus the other events on top as well!

No one understands the stress and pressure of an Asian Wedding more than me – an Asian Wedding Planner myself. The Brides Club is my way of holding your hand through the process and giving you everything you need to plan the most perfect Asian Wedding of your dreams. Each month I bring you all the latest news, content, products and services.

And it’s not just for Asian Brides!

If you’re a newlywed or not getting married at all but just want to enjoy being in the company of some fabulous Asian women, then this is the space for you too! We’d love to have you!

There’s heaps of lifestyle content as well as lots of fun along the way!So, If you’re looking for:

✔ A safe & fun environment

✔ Connecting with likeminded women

✔ Having fun and relaxing

✔ Making new friends

Then this is the space for you!

You’ll also get access to the industries finest Asian Wedding Venues, Asian Wedding DJ’s Asian, Wedding Dress Suppliers, Make up artists, henna artists and many more suppliers. I’ve literally done all the research for you so you don’t have to.

Join today with our exclusive introductory rate of just £15 a month for the first 50 brides. That’s right, our founding Asian Bride Members will pay just £15 a month, for the lifetime of their membership!

And what’s more – you’ll get access to me and my exclusive hints and tips to plan your Asian wedding to perfection! I’ll also give you exclusive rates to all my asian wedding planning services to support you every step of the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and start your journey as an exclusive member of The Brides Club

JOIN NOW I can’t wait to see you inside!

Rohita xXx

What can a wedding planner do for you?

We are often asked by many clients around the benefits of a wedding planner and what can a wedding planner do for me?

In this article we will be discussing some key aspects and benefits of a wedding planner. We will be interviewing our very own Rohita Pabla around the key aspects where she believes her, and her team provide clients with the most benefit. We will be revealing some of the details of what Rohita and her team provide to their clients.

Rohita Pabla although an Asian wedding planner has planned and executed some of the most exclusive and luxury multicultural and interfaith weddings and events across the UK.

Are you wondering why do I need a wedding planner? Or are you thinking What can a wedding planner do that I can’t?

Well… You’re in the right place.

We have interviewed the owner and founder of Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events to address the common questions from wedding clients “Why do I need a Wedding Planner?”, “What can a Wedding Planner do that I can’t?”, “Can a Wedding Planner Save you money”? and much more.

So we asked Rohita Pabla:

“Why do I need a Wedding Planner?”

Rohita: “We get many people asking us Why do I need a wedding planner. The answer to this is fairly subjective to individuals and their specific circumstances. Generally, most of our clients book us to help us plan their wedding as they are either in highly demanding jobs under immense pressure and have little time to spend on getting all the finite detail into their dream wedding or they have little or no experience in weddings and where to start. Our clients at Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events want their dream day to be planned to perfection including the minute detail so that them and their guests can enjoy their wedding day without thinking or stressing.

We also have many clients who have kickstarted there planning journeys and been in contact with venues and some wedding suppliers. They have then come to realise the amount of time and stress that the journey has begun to put on them.

As we also do events other than just weddings, several of our existing client base contact us for other events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas parties etc. to provide our full event planning package for the same reasons as I mentioned prior.

“What can a Wedding Planner do that I can’t?”

Rohita: This is an interesting question and I could discuss this for hours. Technically speaking anyone can do wedding planning. However, with us specialising in weddings and events with approx. 20+ years of experience across the team within this industry we have seen it all. From the venue postponing an event a day before the big day to suppliers not delivering on the day. With the experience and a great network within the industry that we have built over the years, all our wedding planners & event managers ensure that every single wedding or event that we do is delivered to perfection.

All the stress and headache from planning anyone’s wedding is passed on to our team. I (Rohita) end up becoming the client’s best friend through this journey, with regular calls, emails, texts throughout the planning.

For every wedding or event that we deliver, we will have multiple plans to ensure that any mishaps and dealt with without guests even noticing. We work in the background to ensure that the clients and their guests get the best and seamless wedding or event.

“Can a Wedding Planner Save you money?”

Rohita: Simply, Yes!

As I mentioned earlier, the network and experience that we have within the wedding & events industry provides us with a better understanding of costs of weddings and events. As part of our business we do regular analysis of costs across the board when planning weddings and events.

We have saved clients on average 10% on their budgets, through our power of negotiation and faultless planning of client’s budgets.The cost of having us planning a client’s wedding or event, we would re-coup most of that cost through the savings we make through the planning journey.


If you want to find out more on how Rohita Pabla & her team can save you money on your event planning.

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Do I need a theme for my wedding?

Hello Brides-To-Be!

Many of my clients ask me…. “Do I need a decor theme for my Wedding?”. My answer… YES DEFINITELY! Not only does this make life easier for you, but also gives a clear vision to your suppliers.

Many people use their favourite colour as their Wedding theme which is also a good idea, but having a concept/central theme makes everything easier and ideas flow better. Not only that but it can be a lot of good fun!

Perhaps think of something which relates to you and your partner, this could be the location of where they proposed to you, your favourite holiday location or something in keeping with the theme of where you’re getting married.

The options are truly endless, so what I say is grab yourselves a piece of paper or a board and start a mood board around your favourite things.

If you’re struggling with your wedding planning and concept ideas please do contact me, I offer bespoke planning packages to suit your needs.RP Boreham Logo LR-9


Rohita x