What can a wedding planner do for you?

We are often asked by many clients around the benefits of a wedding planner and what can a wedding planner do for me?

In this article we will be discussing some key aspects and benefits of a wedding planner. We will be interviewing our very own Rohita Pabla around the key aspects where she believes her, and her team provide clients with the most benefit. We will be revealing some of the details of what Rohita and her team provide to their clients.

Rohita Pabla although an Asian wedding planner has planned and executed some of the most exclusive and luxury multicultural and interfaith weddings and events across the UK.

Are you wondering why do I need a wedding planner? Or are you thinking What can a wedding planner do that I can’t?

Well… You’re in the right place.

We have interviewed the owner and founder of Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events to address the common questions from wedding clients “Why do I need a Wedding Planner?”, “What can a Wedding Planner do that I can’t?”, “Can a Wedding Planner Save you money”? and much more.

So we asked Rohita Pabla:

“Why do I need a Wedding Planner?”

Rohita: “We get many people asking us Why do I need a wedding planner. The answer to this is fairly subjective to individuals and their specific circumstances. Generally, most of our clients book us to help us plan their wedding as they are either in highly demanding jobs under immense pressure and have little time to spend on getting all the finite detail into their dream wedding or they have little or no experience in weddings and where to start. Our clients at Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events want their dream day to be planned to perfection including the minute detail so that them and their guests can enjoy their wedding day without thinking or stressing.

We also have many clients who have kickstarted there planning journeys and been in contact with venues and some wedding suppliers. They have then come to realise the amount of time and stress that the journey has begun to put on them.

As we also do events other than just weddings, several of our existing client base contact us for other events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas parties etc. to provide our full event planning package for the same reasons as I mentioned prior.

“What can a Wedding Planner do that I can’t?”

Rohita: This is an interesting question and I could discuss this for hours. Technically speaking anyone can do wedding planning. However, with us specialising in weddings and events with approx. 20+ years of experience across the team within this industry we have seen it all. From the venue postponing an event a day before the big day to suppliers not delivering on the day. With the experience and a great network within the industry that we have built over the years, all our wedding planners & event managers ensure that every single wedding or event that we do is delivered to perfection.

All the stress and headache from planning anyone’s wedding is passed on to our team. I (Rohita) end up becoming the client’s best friend through this journey, with regular calls, emails, texts throughout the planning.

For every wedding or event that we deliver, we will have multiple plans to ensure that any mishaps and dealt with without guests even noticing. We work in the background to ensure that the clients and their guests get the best and seamless wedding or event.

“Can a Wedding Planner Save you money?”

Rohita: Simply, Yes!

As I mentioned earlier, the network and experience that we have within the wedding & events industry provides us with a better understanding of costs of weddings and events. As part of our business we do regular analysis of costs across the board when planning weddings and events.

We have saved clients on average 10% on their budgets, through our power of negotiation and faultless planning of client’s budgets.The cost of having us planning a client’s wedding or event, we would re-coup most of that cost through the savings we make through the planning journey.


If you want to find out more on how Rohita Pabla & her team can save you money on your event planning.

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Real Flower’s vs Artificial Flowers?

Real Flower’s vs Artificial Flowers?

So after last weeks blog about “Help… What flowers should I pick for my wedding?”  I’ve received many questions regarding flowers and whether you should pick real over artificial flowers. Obviously it’s down to personal choice, but nowdays its also down too the budget and not forgetting this is being stretched at every point possible.

So we’ve put together a helpful Pros and Cons list for you below! This should also help alongside our previous blog where we added in a helpful handy flower chart by season.

Pros- Real Flowers 

  • Wider choice- As long as your chosen flowers are in season you have a wider colour choice as sometimes in silk artificial flowers different colours can look too artificial.
  • Smell- That beautiful smell of flowers when you walk into a room… you can’t beat it!
  • Dream- It might have always been your dream to have fresh flowers… if so hell with the budget and do it! Your only going to get married once… right?
  • Colour- Colours are endless and can be mixed and match (have a read of the previous blog to see how colours can be mixed)


Cons-Real Flowers

  • Expense- Real flowers can be expense normally double the cost of silk flowers
  • Season- Your chosen flowers may not be in season when you plan to have your big day
  • Never forever- Real flowers are never forever, they will die after your event and also depending on when and where your wedding is taking place you need to maintain them
  • Hayfever/allergies sufferers- This could be a nightmare event for them!

Pros- Artificial Flowers 

  • Season- It doesn’t matter if your preferred flowers aren’t in season
  • Cost- If budget is an issue using artificial silk flowers can help maybe half your flower bill
  • Forever- If you are buying them yourself you can keep them forever
  • Silk flowers do not require constant watering on a hot summer’s day where real ones would threaten to wilt; and if you’re planning on marrying overseas, artificial flowers are all but weightless for those pesky luggage restrictions!
  • Cost Effective- You can re use them for another event which you may have on the day or day after
  • Hayfever/allergies sufferers- This is the perfect way to still have your flowers but not upset any guests

Blog 1

Cons-Artificial Flowers 

  • Colours- The artificial flowers can vary in different colour tones
  • Budget- Your wedding budget may be an issue, however do not buy cheap artificial flowers you will regret it, there are different levels of silk, so shop around
  • Fray- If they are cheap they can fray if they are moved around alot
  • Smell- That beautiful floral smell will be absent at your wedding

In need of help with decor concepts, design ideas for your wedding? Unsure of how to make your wedding different?

We offer a bespoke package to help you also.

Rohita x

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Fortnum and Mason


Hello Brides To Be,

So recently a Bride and Groom asked me to look for a small venue in central London for there civil & wedding breakfast and I stumbled across this little treasure… Fortnum and Mason est 1707. Fortnum and Mason known for it’s afternoon teas, hampers and fine gifts is also a beautiful small wedding venue with multiple rooms on offer.

And I got the opportunity to see this for myself. Fortnum and Mason opened its doors for a Westminster Council Wedding Open Day, offering brides, grooms & clients the opportunity to see the venue and what is has to offer. And oh was a wooowed…. from the Boardroom, The Tasting Room, The Drawing Room & The Crypt. 

From weddings to breakfasts, drinks receptions to private parties a celebration at Fortnums is always an experience to remember. With four beautiful dining spaces, four restaurants all available for exclusive hire its a perfect location to host any event!

Thank You Fortnum & Mason for the invite.

Rohita x


Brochure Link 

Image Credit Fortnum & Mason & Rohita Pabla

Fortnum & Mason 1




Fortnum & Mason 2










Do I need a theme for my wedding?

Hello Brides-To-Be!

Many of my clients ask me…. “Do I need a decor theme for my Wedding?”. My answer… YES DEFINITELY! Not only does this make life easier for you, but also gives a clear vision to your suppliers.

Many people use their favourite colour as their Wedding theme which is also a good idea, but having a concept/central theme makes everything easier and ideas flow better. Not only that but it can be a lot of good fun!

Perhaps think of something which relates to you and your partner, this could be the location of where they proposed to you, your favourite holiday location or something in keeping with the theme of where you’re getting married.

The options are truly endless, so what I say is grab yourselves a piece of paper or a board and start a mood board around your favourite things.

If you’re struggling with your wedding planning and concept ideas please do contact me, I offer bespoke planning packages to suit your needs.RP Boreham Logo LR-9


Rohita x

Enchanted Garden Theme- Hanging Wedding Cake at Grosvenor House

So we’re back for 2017 with a bang and new projects bubbling away. But we would like to flash back to 2016, when we caught up with Karisha Pithwa, owner of Crème De La Cakes and her show stopper of a cake “Enchanted Garden Theme Hanging Wedding Cake at Grosvenor House”

Luxury wedding cake company Crème De La Cakes had clients Kish and Kithy come to see her with one request  “ We would like something unique and bespoke”.  Karisha then set about creating something just that!

Her surroundings….. non other than The Great Ballroom within Grosvenor House one of London’s most sort after wedding venues.

The theme for the glamorous wedding reception held at Grosvenor House, a stunning ‘Enchanted Garden’ Theme, which Karisha used as her inspiration for her grand 17 tier bespoke wedding cake suspended in a 12ft birdcage.

Karisha says “ No two clients are the same and it’s my job to ensure that each client’s custom designed  cake is bespoke. My aim as a luxury asian wedding cake designer is to ensure that each work of art leaves our bride and groom as well as their guests speechless”

A showstopper wedding cake for this lavish affair!”

The ‘Enchanted Garden’ theme bespoke 17 tier luxury wedding cake was adorned with pretty lace detailing and beautiful pearl frame work encasing the couples initials. This was delicately piped by hand and then hand painted with antique gold to match the 12 ft birdcage.

As a luxury wedding cake designer, Creme De La Cakes also provided the beautiful floral work around the superior wedding cake

The team here all agree it was sure  a showstopper of a wedding cake for a lavish affair!

Rohita x

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Bespoke Wedding Signs

Hello Brides To Be,

Our friends at Loveli Stationery are now supplying a stylish range of Bespoke wedding signs, for perfectly styled big days. Choose from personalised printed signage or hand illustrated chalkboards, to add that personal fun touch.

Loveli are offering all readers of this blog 10% off their WHOLE RANGE. Enter rpevents 10 at the checkout in the promo code box and then the discount will be applied.


Rohita xXx









So we caught up with Lianne Taylor -the Creative Director & Founder of Loveli Stationery. Who’s beautiful company was the Regional Winner of the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards and is the Regional Finalist for 2017!

We spoke all things Autumn Stationery trends…. Lianne gives us her top 3 trends, heres trend 1….

As we move into Autumn and Winter for the Wedding season there is a definite shift in colour palettes and style. The colder months seem to make Brides bolder with their colour choices and this creates wonderful palettes to work with for stationary, both for invitations and on the day items.

The top three colour trends I have seen coming through from Autumn/Winter wedding enquiries are: metallics, jewel tones and iced pastels.


This trend has been building throughout the year and looks set to continue well into 2017. There’s something quite special and opulent about a foiled finish on an invitation. Brides are leaning towards rose gold tones with luxe dark card paper stock, such as midnight blue, to really allow the metallic elements to shine through.

With oodles of glitz from metallics and contemporary styling for fonts and finishes, I can’t wait to see what fresh trends 2017 brings.

Lianne Taylor -the Creative Director & Founder of Loveli Stationery






So we caught up with Lianne Taylor -the Creative Director & Founder of Loveli Stationery. Who’s beautiful company was the Regional Winner of the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards and is the Regional Finalist for 2017!

We spoke all things Autumn Stationery trends…. Lianne gives us her top 3 trends, heres trend 3 ….


Warming jewel tones are perfect for an Autumn/Winter big day as they create a lovely atmosphere and feel to the whole affair. Some couples are going all out with a palette of mixed jewels including, ruby reds, amethyst tones and rich ambers, whilst others are choosing more subtle highlights in their stationery and saving the big impact for floral elements and bridesmaid dresses

Lianne Taylor -the Creative Director & Founder of Loveli Stationery











So we caught up with Lianne Taylor -the Creative Director & Founder of Loveli Stationery. Who’s beautiful company was the Regional Winner of the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards and is the Regional Finalist for 2017!

We spoke all things Autumn Stationery trends…. Lianne gives us her top 3 trends, heres trend 2 ….


Following the Pantone Colour of the Year choices (serenity and rose quartz) for 2016, paired back versions are coming to the forefront for Weddings later in the year. Pretty iced toned pastels are big for Winter Weddings. Frosty blues printed on beautiful pearlescent card stocks and blush pinks are a big hit with those saying I do throughout November and December.

Brides are also getting more creative with how their invitations are structured in their quest of the perfect invite. I am seeing a lot more requests for folded invitations that keep information all together in one place, rather than lots of separate cards (my personal favourite). Also on the rise are destination weddings, meaning that requests for invitation packages to accommodate a plethora of extra information are also on the rise. A booklet format seems to be the favoured choice for Autumn/Winter, along with some opting to place extra information on Wedding websites for the their guests to access.  Hand finished items are also big for Winter; metallic ribbons and extra touches for the added wow-factor.

Lianne Taylor -the Creative Director & Founder of Loveli Stationery