To All My Lovely Couple’s To Be,

Finally in the midst of the past couple of weeks (which wasn’t what we had planned here at @rohitapablaevents) I can finally take a breath to reflect on the goings on in the world and most importantly the events industry.

I have been busy with my current couples who are getting married in the next few months and they all have that big old question on their mind, in light of Covid-19 “What Do I Do?” 

Unfortunately we’ve had one of our lovely couple’s weddings which was going to take place in April delay until November and we are in close contact with couples whose weddings are in the up and coming months.

In these circumstances, one great thing about our services is that we don’t have the “See You On The Day Approach ” we’re with you every step of the way, via phone, wat’s app whatever it needs to be.  I was even on the phone to a worried bride at 8:00pm regarding her wedding in June because she was asking herself that question “What Do I Do?” I said pick up the phone let’s chat about it and that’s what we did . We put a plan together which clarified the options available and really helped her think of them – YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS! 

Amongst all this uncertainty you want someone with an unbiased/neutral opinion when planning your wedding just to give you that insider advice. So here’s what we have been doing to give our couples that little bit of advice and now’s the perfect time to do some “Wedding Admin” which you can all do while you’re riding these uncertain waves being thrown our way by the Covid-19 virus. 

Covid- 19 Hints/Tips For Upcoming Weddings:- 

  • Insurance- Check,read and reread your insurance policies and make sure you have them to hand (not at the bottom of a draw somewhere in Narnia)
  • Email Booked Suppliers- Send a brief email to booked vendors to ask about their policies for weddings prior to the 31st May. What policies do they have in place for weddings after this time frame, if any. Why it’s good to know as we’re not sure how long this is going to last…
  • Pending/Yet Confirmed Suppliers- Are there any amazing suppliers you have been in talks with? Gained their proposals but are yet to book them and pay a deposit? It might be worth checking in with them and see if they can offer a service such as a “Holding Deposit” 
  • Information- Collate all information together from all suppliers so if the time comes ( hopefully it won’t) you are ready and armed with what you need to make the right decision. For you either to postpone or go ahead with your initial date! 

I hope that the above few steps will help to ease the pressure of the uncertainty at this time and help you in making those decisions in the up and coming months. We’re just a phone call away for any advise you might need.

Rohita Pabla xXx