Have you recently got engaged and looking for support to plan your Asian wedding? Or are you already going through your Asian wedding planning journey and looking for some guidance and/or support? Or are you looking to plan your own Asian wedding completely?

Well you’re in the right place. This article looks at whether you should have a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator or plan your own Asian wedding. These are very different types of services that are offered at Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events. We will dive into some of the details of each of these services to help you decide on what works best for yourselves.

So, lets jump straight into it…

Let’s start with a wedding planner. You may have thought to yourself why I need to pay a wedding planner to plan my Asian wedding. This is a great question and the answers are endless. One of the key deciders of having a wedding planner tends to be the cost as planning an Asian wedding is always on a budget. However, people look at the cost of hiring a wedding planner and think OMG how much.

As an example, you may have a budget of £60,000 to plan your whole wedding. You may get a quote from a wedding planner to plan your wedding at £6000. You think to yourself, well that’s 10% of my overall budget that I could spend on the wedding itself if I plan it myself. Technically speaking your absolutely correct. However, having a wedding planner, you will tend to recoup a lot of the cost through the expertise and network that the wedding planner has built up.

At Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events, our wedding planners have over 20 years of expertise within the wedding and events industry and this is proven through the weddings that we have expertly planned. Over the years we have saved our clients tens of thousands of pounds on their weddings. The way in which we have done this is through having a continued relationship with our suppliers where we get preferential rates that we pass directly to the clients also through our experience of negotiation and contractual reviews. In many cases the cost of hiring us as a wedding planner for our client’s weddings has been recouped through the savings, we have managed to make them.

Always remember that planning an Asian wedding can be a full-time job. Most of our clients are in full time employment, meaning they don’t have the time during the day to plan their wedding. This can lead to stress and other medical conditions such as anxiety etc. We have seen a lot of clients come to us due to this, they had begun planning their wedding, but the stress and pressure quickly grew, and they found that they needed support in planning their Asian weddings. This also means that you don’t enjoy your wedding planning journey and it becomes one of the most stressful times of your lives.

Even if you have started your wedding planning journey and have experienced any of the above at Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events we offer partial planning packages where we take over and jump into the driving seat to ease the stress and pressure away from our clients.

Many of our clients don’t have previous experience in planning an Asian wedding, or if they do it was 20+ years ago when their parents got married. Experience goes along way in planning an Asian wedding. With over 20 years’ experience in this industry at Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events we utilise this experience to make the planning journey as seamless as possible for our clients. We have seen it all through our years, from missing wedding bands on the day, a closure of a venue a week before a wedding to a global pandemic postponing all weddings.


So, what about a wedding coordinator?

You may want to plan your whole Asian wedding by yourself. You may be super organised and can manage the pressure and stress of dealing with budgets, multiple suppliers, opinions from family and friends and much more.

Well having a wedding coordinator would be a wise choice for you in this instance. With having a wedding coordinator, you can do all the planning and deal with getting everything booked and signed. Having a wedding coordinator will help bring this all together on the actual wedding day.

On the actual day of your Asian wedding, you will have a team of professional event managers that will ensure that all the hard work you have put in to planning your dream wedding pays off and goes seamlessly.

After all the last thing as a bride or groom you want to be doing is stressing about whether everything is perfect.

Having a wedding coordinator on the day of your Asian wedding will help you tie together all those lose ends. A wedding coordinator and their team will ensure that your day runs like clockwork to your itinerary, all the chosen suppliers on the day work together as 1 team to deliver the most beautiful Asian wedding for you.

A wedding coordinator will work with all the wedding suppliers, from makeup artists, photographer, videographer to venue, caterer and wedding transportation. They will setup a meeting prior to your Asian wedding at the wedding venue. At this meeting there will be a run through of your whole day with all your wedding suppliers. This is to ensure that every aspect of the day has been thought through and to eradicate any potential issues that might occur on the wedding day.

Planning an Asian wedding is stressful for anyone even a professional wedding planner. Every wedding is unique, and a new issue always comes to light even for a professional wedding planning company with over 20+ years of experience in the industry. So if you feel you can manage the stress and pressure of planning your Asian wedding but need support towards the big day. Then a wedding coordinator is the perfect option for you.


What about Self Planning you’re Asian Wedding?

There is always the option of doing it all yourself. There is a huge misconception that this is the cheapest option when planning your Asian wedding. However, this can end up being more expensive than the other options. For people who have no prior experience with planning an Asian wedding, it can be extremely difficult in terms of where to start and also what to believe.


We would highly recommend anyone starting there planning journey to get in touch with us @RohitaPabla and having a chat about planning your journey. We can recommend the best course of action for yourselves. This could also be the Asian brides community over @TheBridesClub

Happy Wedding Planning

Rohita x